EC Level

EC Level
Well-balanced nutrition (minerals and micro-elements) can increase yield’s potential up to 100%

Minerals and micro-elements are involved in most of molecular processes in plants: they stimulate growth, development, and yielding

Minerals are absorbed from soil with water and transported via vascular fibrous system up way. The content of individual elements in sap and soil (substrate) is different

To meet all plants’ needs in terms of minerals, it is necessary to follow some rules:

  1. Minerals should be in form and concentration available to be absorbed
  2. Soil or substrate should be well aerated for plants metabolism (nutrients oxidation and ATP accumulation)
  3. Transportation system that delivers minerals to cells should function well (it depends on environment, temperature, humidity, gas composition, nutrients

Main elements are those necessary for plants to go through and finish life cycle. There are 16 of them: N, Р, К, Са, Mg, S, Fe, Mn, В, Zn, Сu, Mo, Сl, С, Н, О. part of them ( С, Н, О) are derived from СО2 and Н2О in the atmosphere, other elements are derived from soil or substrate. They are divided into:

Healthy development of plants is possible only by means well-balanced macro – and micro-elements. Total minerals of water are determined by EC of the solution

It is important to provide plants with all necessary nutrients (in the right quantities) during all their life cycle, as it influences the quality and quantity of yields

E-mode laboratory has designed to control and maintain EC automatically EC controller

The device regulates liquid fertilizers and takes accurate measurements, it controls EC of the solution and fertilizers dosing automatically. Experienced growers can change feeding manually, setting EC Controller according to their own needs or use producers’ feeding charts