Water supply

Water supply
Water is life. Plants’ development depends on regular water supply of a hydroponic system or watering system, on a proper water supply of root zone

In case there is a lack of water plants stop growing: cell fission takes place at improper time when the cell is not big enough, plants’ structure becomes of those from droughty regions. Lack of water leads to structural changes and then to plants death

Shoots and roots are especially sensitive to water. Regular watering influences mass increase

Proper water supply is necessary for intensive growth and plants productivity

Preparing water indoors, especially in hydroponics, is very important for plants development. To make a solution it is necessary to use filtered (reverse osmosis) water free from any admixtures (it refers to ground and tap water).But osmotic water has no buffers that is why it is mixed with tap water that contains lots of minerals. Rain water is often used in greenhouses; it has neutral pH level and minimum EC. It is collected by a special system and also mixed with tap water

Automatic indoor watering means supplying plants and hydroponic systems as well with water

SensiRoom LVL provides hydroponic systems with pure water automatically SensiRoom LVL


It automatically adds water to the tank with solution. Level sensor is set into a tank or a hydroponic system, when the water level reaches its minimum level, SensiRoomLVL turns on the pump or electromagnetic valve to let the water in. when the tank/system is filled in, it will turns off the pump or electromagnetic valve