pH Level

pH Level
pH level is the main index of water/substrate/soil/nutrient solution quality. Any deviations from optimal pH level can lead to inability to absorb water and nutrients and to plants’ death

pH level of the environment influences biochemical reactions in living systems and organisms

Stable pH level is a basic element for active flora development; pH changes can cause problems with plants’ development

pH level of solution or water depends on: growing environment, vital activity of microorganisms, growing stage, fertilizers and additives used. As a rule, organic fertilizers lower pH level , and mineral fertilizers increase it

In general, according to the table’s data plants are able to absorb minerals in case pH level is 5.5 – 6.5. If ph level is higher than 6.5 there is a lack of manganese; if pH is lower than 7.0 Fe precipitates and plants are not able to get it. If pH level is too high, then nutrient absorption is blocked, that is why if pH level of the nutrient solution in hydroponics is over 6.5 it is dangerous for plants. However, it is also incorrectly to fix pH level at 6.5. It is better to maintain pH level within natural changes in-between 5.5 and 6.5

Usually pH level lowers because of water evaporation and absorption, unequal absorption of nutrient elements, covalent bonds changes. To higher and stabilize ph level, just add pure water, EC of the solution will lower, that is why it is also important to control EC and if necessary, to raise it to the level proper for normal plants development

Unfortunately, it is not always possible to lower pH level by adding pure water. What is the way then?

In industrial plant cultivation special reagents are used to change pH level - pH Up and pH Down

To control pH Level automatically we designed PH Controller 

The device controls pH level of the solution automatically by means of using the reagents (pH Up and pH Down). The progressive mechanism (PI regulator) of data analysis and reagents’ usage gives plants an opportunity to develop and avoid stress. pH Controller gradually raises or lowers pH level to be within hysteresis parameters

Those who used to get better results know well the importance of pH level for a proper plants’ development; that is why it is important to control pH level in hydroponics as well as in usual growing