About laboratory

About laboratory
E-MODE.PRO Laboratory was founded in 2014. Our aim is to make an automated grow module for growing greens, vegetables, berries of high quality anywhere (in a desert, Far North, in the mountains and big cities) by means of renewable energy and modern techniques.
We are producing unique automatic equipment to control the process of growing in conservatories, greenhouses, and indoors using modern techniques of hydroponics, aeroponics, drop-watering and traditional methods of growing (soil/substrates).

The devices we produce automate the following important parameters:
  • pH Level of nutrient solution
  • ЕС/TDS of nutrient solution
  • Nutrient solution volume in a tank of a hydroponic system or irrigation system
  • Air humidity and substrate moisture
  • Air and solution temperature
  • Ventilation, blinding and airing systems
  • CO2 level
  • Lighting and daylight hours
Partial or full automation is determined by:
  • Need to reduce costs
  • Lack of knowledge/experience of personnel
  • High expenses in case of yields damage or growing interruption

When buying at an authorized dealer, please, fill in the rain check (to fix the date of purchase, seller’s stamp and serial number of the device). We take all warranty responsibilities for the service of any devices produced by E-MODE.PRO Laboratory.

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